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The primary focus of this site was not to just provide searchable data sets and access to rare documents, images, and videos, but to showcase what we do best and offer up an (OSPP) Open Source Phenomenon Platform which we call PhenomAInon.  The document below provides an overview of key features of the platform and architecture.  Within the AI menu option above you can dive deeper into each specific AI service we offer with corresponding architecture and samples or simply try it out for yourself by subscribing to our site as a Researcher to run your own AI analysis on images and videos you upload!  Contact us for additional guidance or connect with us to integrate your data sets into our platform to obtain our AI services and insights.



The following video was published in AI Joe's presentation of the PhenomAInon platform at the AI Expo 2021 Conference hosted by ValleyML.  This video provides background into the UAP data problem, evolution of the platform and a demonstration of sample AI services from a visual point of view with key examples of modern data engineering and AI services.



The following document provides and overview and sample high level architecture of the PhenomAInon platform and services.

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