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The PhenomAInon platform provides state of the art artificial intelligence when it comes to computer vision analysis, modeling and automation.  We leverage CV in many ways for image and video analysis to identify objects, build object recognition libraries, automate both on-demand, batch, and online videos, and ultimately determine authenticity.



The following demo is an example of how we use computer vision services to detect objects including scenery, animals, vehicles, aircraft, and really anything we have loaded into our continuously growing and curated computer vision dictionary library.  In this example, we are showing Amazon Rekognition via a demo user interface that we actually automate as part of an AI pipeline through the PhenomAInon platform.

Through this process we are able to determine objects that are identified in the video even if they are not caught by the human eye.  In the following example, we processed a video provided by the UAP Task Force, an evolution of AATIP (History of AATIP coming soon - check here for more).  Through our platform and computer vision service, we were able to detect objects undetectable by normal video players and through human review.  After review, we were able to move to the point in time where each object was detected and were able to invert the display to uncover multiple UAP objects flying in the scene.

The following is Machine Learning output in JSON from the video above.  This example output assists with further granular research into each review, improves our ability to improve confidence levels for detected objects, and more importantly capture failures to improve the ML library and PhenomAInon platform overall.

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