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-OUR ORGANIZATION- is an independent website & property of 0toAI, LLC with no affiliation with any other organization. 


The purpose of the website is to:

  1. Provide AI analysis of unidentified phenomenon data.  See more information about our platform (click here).

  2. Enable a more organized method for clean data collection of incident reports.  See our incident report form (click here).

  3. Create a community focused on unidentified phenomenon data analysis and sharing leveraging open source principles and methods (more community-based features coming as the site continues to evolve).

-OUR SUBSCRIPTIONS- currently offers the following subscriptions:

  • Site Members (Free):  Site Members can access the site and any publicly available data sets and files.

  • Explorer:  The Explorer subscription provides access to reports, dashboards, searchable tables, and more based off of the data we have curated through the site and from other data collections. 

  • Researcher:  The Researcher subscription provides access to Explorer benefits in addition to the PhenomAInon Content Analysis tool (coming soon), which provides users with the ability to upload media (owned by the user) to run AI workflows including but not limited to object & scene detection, transcription, translation, text in image/video identification, shot/segment detection, moderation and more.  See more information about our platform (click here) and about the PhenomAInon Content Analysis solution (click here). 

Files that have been approved for release are not part of either subscription and are free to site members (free subscription).  PhenomAInon does not charge subscription fees for reports, documents, images or videos in the File Library (click here) for data sets we do not own or are publicly available (Blue Book, etc).

Subscription fees assist our organization cover substantial costs for software engineering, hosting, & compute fees.


The agreement covers content and intellectual property ownership as well as a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) between site members and 0toAI, LLC.  Site members and subscribers who agree to these terms cannot share data or analysis provided by the site including files in the File Library section without prior approval from an authorized member of 0toAI, LLC.  Failure to obtain approval and authorization to share is a breach of this agreement and is enforceable by law, not limited to the State of Texas or State of Wyoming where 0toAI, LLC is registered.

See our terms & review the NDA (click here).

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