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PhenomAInon provides free and subscription-based data & maps from all over the world including subsets of data from popular sites including MUFON, NUFORC.  We also provide visitors and subscribers with maps of curated data sets to display incident reports both independently and blended with factual location-based data including airports, nuclear plants, military installations, and more to provide the viewer with additional and various proximity-based insights.  Click on the provided links below to view each data set.

Special Note:  Free data sets may only contain subsets of data due to data hosting & processing charges.  Subscribers gain access to full data sets, maps, documents and more.

Special Note:  MUFON and NUFORC tables & maps are only subsets of each organization's master data.  Data provided is publicly available on either site.  To view all MUFON and NUFORC data, please visit the following sites:


United Kingdom

(Members Only)

Incident Data

Bubble Map


Skinwalker Ranch

Coming Soon

Analytics Dashboards

Additional Cleared Data Sets

Configurable Reports

AI/Object Detection Tool

Additional data sets & insights reported frequently.  Check back often.  Subscribe for updates & releases!

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