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Our team provides a host of AI services to analyze data in new and exciting ways to deliver reflective and predictive analytics and insights to the global community and specific organizations that require them.  Here on the site, we are providing demonstrative capability that our site members and subscribers can use to get a taste of what some of these services are and look like in an effort to expand the OSPP (Open Source Phenomenon Platform) and build a better community of data scientists, engineers, & analysts to surface insights to explorers and enthusiasts on a global scale.  

Computer Vision

We leverage AI / Computer Vision to provide object detection, content moderation, authentication, face & text detection & analysis to continue to build & curate our computer vision model libraries and labels for future analysis. Try it out for yourself via the Content Analysis service on our site

Text Analysis & Comprehension

We leverage Natural Language Search (NLS), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Text Extraction & Identification, Sentiment Analysis, Comprehension and more to analyze documents, audio, images and video to  comprehend data not just read it

Advanced Insights

We provide reflective, near real-time, and predictive analytics and insights from traditional dashboard reporting to state of the art data correlation mapping, including knowledge graphs and powerful outcome-drive analysis that can be viewed via traditional screens or through AR/VR devices



Through our hosted PhenomAInon Content Analysis service, members who have subscribed to the Researcher plan can upload their own media to the platform and run your own AI analysis live here on the site.  Outputs include object & scene detection, transcription, translation, and more.  

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